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Window Cleaning

EAS Home Services cleaning process leaves your windows sparkling with our unique method and formula.

To get great window cleaning results… you need to understand there is a right and a wrong approach to window washing. I would have quit long ago if there wasn’t an easier, faster, more productive way to clean glass than using a spray bottle full of harsh chemicals.

The wrong way is… the spray-on, rub-off technique – the giant chemical companies advertise. This technique merely just smears dirt across glass leaving your windows with streaks and a fine layer of wax based chemical residue, and… with the wrong mixture of chemicals, you can ‘burn’ glass permanently.

Those Products & Techniques Do Not Produce Streak-Free Results!

There are many window cleaning chemicals and homemade window cleaning recipes that work well on glass. but using ammonia, alcohol and vinegar to make your window cleaner is absolutely wrong!

In some cases, it may be appropriate to use these household items on other cleaning projects around the house but…when you think of the expense – of how much it costs to replace a window, you simply can’t afford to take chances. you can’t afford damaging your favorite view windows based on recommendations made by people that are not professional window cleaners.

ask yourself this:

when was the last time you saw a professional window cleaner spraying on chemicals and wiping glass with newspaper to clean windows?

have you ever smelled vinegar or ammonia around a professional window cleaner?

EAS Home Services use a window cleaning recipe that is nonabrasive, and environmentally friendly… one that contains no solvents, ammonia, or alkali. the best window cleaning recipe is designed to, not only clean windows but, also naturalize the ph. of most window glass surfaces.

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