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Gutter Face Cleaning

Have you ever wondered what causes ugly black streaks on the outside of your gutters? These stripes are caused by a chemical reaction that occurs between the asphalt from roof shingles and the aluminum in the gutters. These stains are tough to remove and care must be taken. Using the wrong process and/or chemicals can strip the paint off of the gutters. Each job is different and care must be taken when trying to remove these black streaks. EAS Home Services uses a cleaning chemical that will remove those unsightly black streaks from your gutter facings. In some cases where the stains have set for a long time, it may be impossible to completely remove the stains.


The Cleaning Process


EAS Home Services will hand wash and scrub all the gutters around your home using our special formula. This should remove the stains, but as stated before, in some cases the stains may be permanently embedded in the gutters and cannot be removed without removing the paint.

Gutter Face Cleaning is not an easy job. It can also be dangerous, climbing up and down a ladder. Why take the risk? Let EAS Home Services professionally clean your gutter facings.

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